Designer Brand Frequently Asked Questions


What is Maeok?

  • Maeok is a business-to-business, luxury wholesale fashion market.

What does the word “Maeok” mean?

  • It is a portmanteau for Maestro and Nook. It means a private marketplace for fashion industry experts.

What makes the concept unique?

  • Maeok revolutionizes the wholesale process by creating an exclusive venue where luxury and contemporary labels can sell their merchandise to boutiques, professional fashion buyers, retail shops and department stores. Participants must be invited to become members. Each brand maintains full control of its image by controlling who can carry its merchandise. Buyers have access to designers around the globe and can purchase merchandise with flexible minimum amounts and terms.

How does it work?

  • Published designs are visible to buyers representing department stores, luxury boutiques, e-commerce sites, independent retailers & multi-brand stores around the globe.
  • Buyers submit connection requests to labels who review their profiles & then decide if they will approve buyers as potential stockists.
  • Once approved, buyers can make purchases from designers’ wholesale stores.

What categories of luxury wholesale merchandise are featured?

  • Men’s RTW, Women’s RTW, Shoes, Handbags and Luggage, Outerwear, Accessories, Home, Gift, Jewelry, Watches, Lingerie, Bridal, Swimwear and Resort.
Our Buyers

What kinds of luxury wholesale stockists are on Maeok?

  • Multi-brand boutiques, concept stores, department stores, new boutiques, e-commerce sites and local upscale stores.

Can any stockist buy our merchandise?

  • An image of your designs will show up in keyword search results. Boutiques can see your “About”, “Press” and “Shipping & Return Policy” pages and send you a stockist request. They cannot make purchases or contact you further until you change their status to “Approved” in your luxury wholesale admin panel.

How do I screen a stockist?

  • You pre-approve the buyers who can carry your merchandise. In your admin panel under “Users” you may view shared details of a stockist’s profile prior to accepting a stockist request.

What is the average wholesale order size?

  • The average wholesale order size is $2,000 for established brands.
Luxury Wholesale Approval Process

How long does it take for my brand to get approved by Maeok?

  • The approval process can take up to one week and entails verifying that the applicant is the authorized representative for the brand. There is no fee to review your account. A private invitation code is emailed to you once you are approved.

What kinds of labels are NOT accepted?

  • Low quality discount merchandise, counterfeit, second-hand, primarily tee shirt or sneaker labels are not a good fit for this site.

I am a new designer. I haven’t created my line. Is Maeok the place for me?

  • Maeok facilitates the wholesale process for emerging and established labels who have already completed their lines. We do not accept home sewn or about to launch labels.

I have not received my login details. How do I proceed?

  • Please check the junk mail folder of your pop forwarding email client and your web based email provider.
Store Set Up

Is it difficult to set up my wholesale store?

  • There are several options to help you set up your luxury wholesale store. You can follow the navigation tabs in your admin panel, view simple user guides and/ or upgrade for the assistance of a brand ambassador.

Is it difficult to set up my checkout cart?

  • Simply select your cart in your admin panel’s store settings and then enter your gateway password credentials.

Does Maeok issue a tax record such as a 1099?

  • Maeok does not issue a 1099 or any tax document to store owners or designers. You are responsible for complying with the tax reporting rules of your state, country etc. Your admin panel provides the flexibility to add taxes to sales.

Can I restrict sales to certain countries?

  • Yes, you can select your shipping destinations in your admin panel.

Who is responsible for duties?

  • Customs are paid by the importer unless a different arrangement is explicitly offered by the fashion label. Please note that certain luxury wholesale items might be subject to restrictions such as exotic skins.  It is up to the purchaser to research and comply with these restrictions.

How do I get paid?

  • Payment is made by the buyer directly to your chosen gateway and is available as soon as your gateway releases funds. Maeok does not have access to these funds.

When should I ship?

  • The decision on shipping timing is up to the agreement between the fashion label and the boutique stockist. Product descriptions and shipping policies should state the shipping date up front to avoid confusion.

Who handles shipping, packaging, labeling, inventory levels and taxes?

  • The fashion label maintains 100% control of shipping, packaging, labeling, inventory, storage, taxes. Maeok provides the website for boutique buyers to purchase directly from labels and their designated luxury wholesale representatives.

We have never sold internationally. What are some of the things that we should consider for the greatest success with an online fashion market?

  • The countries to which you are comfortable shipping. Maeok lets you select countries in your admin panel. You can stay local or spread out across the globe, depending upon your market penetration plans and comfort level.
  • Whether you will ship as soon as the merchant confirms the transaction or when the funds are transfered in to your account. If the latter, it delays the process. It is recommended that you let buyers know your terms in the shipping policy section and also as part of the automated purchase receipt email that your store sends out.
  • Customs. You cannot predict these fees and if they will incur. The buyer is responsible for them. Please make sure that your store front addresses this as part of its shipping policy, in your automated transaction receipt message and fill out customs declaration forms properly. Please note that some items such as exotic skins, ivory, furs etc might have trade restrictions.
  • Size charts. Luxury wholesale sizes vary from region to region. It is important that you give more details than typical in your home country. For example, instead of Small, Med, Large, use US 0, 2, 4, 6, 8… EUR 36, 38, 40 etc. Also use Bust 34 cm, Waist 24 cm etc. This can be added to your store’s size chart and as variables to individual products.
  • High quality images are critical in luxury wholesale. Upload multiple views/ images of an item. Provide accurate product descriptions. Maeok does not accept images with inferior lighting.
  • Insurance and tracking method. (Maeok lets you add these fees as part of the check out process.)